What is Making You Fat Now

Hey everyone, Carl the trainer here and today I'd like to shed some light and reality of how the American culture is making us fat and why it's going to get worse every year, if we don't take action now!


So the Disease Control Center reported that a whopping 70% of all Americans are overweight and 38% of Americans are obese. This means that almost three out of every four Americans are fat and one out of every three Americans are really fat. As a result of this shocking truth, our health care costs associated with these stats have reached over 147 billion dollars annually! The real truth is here that almost every American is sick and if nothing is done soon, seeing a fit and healthy body will be as rare as diamonds. Let me break down the three reasons why this is happening so fast.

First, our food industry. The food we eat, how we get food and how much food costs contribute a huge part as to why we're heading in this direction. Sugar is making food addicting, we can get food anytime we want and food quality has gone down to feed families on a tight budget.

Studies have shown that sugar light up the same receptors in the brain as if you were to snort cocaine, one of the most addictive narcotics abused. Sugar is in everything and this helps the food industry have repeat customers. 


Food is also too accessible these days. The human was designed to work to claim food but now you can order food whenever you want and even some restaurants and fast-food chains are open as late as 2 a.m. or even open 24 hours. Food has also become cheaper at the cost of quality so now lower-income families on budgets almost have no choice but to feed themselves and their children food that will get them sick, thus making these calculations and predictions of America's obesity epidemic even more true.

Second, would be the lack of movement or exercise. As fat as we are as a country, we are very Innovative and smart. We're always finding new ways to achieve things faster with less work and that is huge reason why we move less and become lazy. There is a place in society for technological advances and Innovation but once it removes movement out of our lives, this is when it becomes a problem. Just like Sir Isaac Newton's first law of motion, a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will remain in motion.


The last contributing factor to this epidemic would definitely be stress. In the modern American society, we're so ambitious to have the nice house, the latest car, wear fancy clothes and to go on lavish vacations that we would actually sacrifice our own health and well-being just to achieve them. We "think" this will bring us happiness and relieve us of all of our stress but in reality, it's the laziness, poor nutrition and the lack of movement that is the source of all of these stresses.

The truth is that if you prioritize your mind, body and spirit before anything else, you will achieve your “things” faster with virtually no stress! What use a drop-top Lamborghini at 65 years old when you can barely fit in the car and still driving around with the same unhappiness you always had except now you have Diabetes type 2 and Heart Disease. It sounds morbid but it will be if you do not listen to this truth.

Now, I don't want to scare anyone away here but there is hope for everyone that falls into this statistic! The good news is that everything I mentioned is 100% reversible and achieving your peak health and fitness could be right around the corner. You know what it costs? It costs “YOU”!

Like the great Maya Angelou said; "Nothing works unless you do!". If you don't want to be sick, learn to cook a healthy meal. If you are too lazy to workout, hire a trainer and if your stressed out of your mind, enlighten yourself with meditation, self-help books and believing that we are all just little dots in this vast universe. A universe that is designed to give us everything that we want in life but it's like a two-way street relationship. If there's a change that we are looking for in our lives, there has to be something given first. With that said, let's start with the small baby step of taking committed action!

Thanks for reading!