Nutrition Coaching


What do you mean Nutrition Coaching?…

We have found a unique way to combine these high-quality group fitness workouts with personal nutrition coaching every month to reach goals and results in HALF the time it would take to do it on your own or with a trainer that does not help coach healthier eating and lifestyle habits. Here’s how we do it:

  • Every month, we schedule a 60-minute personal nutrition coaching session. This coaching session is included in your program and is not a separate fee.

  • The session is hosted in a private room with Head trainer Carl Anthony Grande with the purpose to create the perfect daily routine to promote a positive lifestyle that promotes sustainable fitness results well into your older adult years. True sustained health and fitness is the sum of all the positive habits you engage in everyday over a long period of time, preferably for the rest of your life.

  • The main points of successful nutrition coaching here at Empyrea Group Training is Outcome Goals, Limiting Factors and Behavior Goals. Outcome Goals are what the client want like losing body fat, adding tone to muscles, stabilizing a healthy diet, getting better sleep or even creating a consistent workout program. Whatever you WANT is an Outcome Goal.

    Limiting Factors are what held you back or what is currently in your way from reaching your goals in the past. This may be high amounts of stress and anxiety, lack of time in your work schedule to workout, eating the wrong foods for fat loss or having no motivation. Anything that is an OBSTACLE in your life is a Limiting Factor.

    Behavior Goals are the new, positive habits we are going to try to realistically and seamless introduce into your current lifestyle. Your old habits is what got you where you are right now but there is hope! Your NEW POSITIVE HABITS are your Behavior Goals you are going to practice every month.

  • The session begins with circumference measurements around seven major areas of the body. They are the neck, chest, arms, waist, hips, upper leg and lower leg. After measuring, the client steps on a special scale that measures body fat and muscle mass percentage.

    This is a game changer because most Americans relate to weight loss as “healthy”. This is false. Losing weight of BODY FAT and gaining weight of MUSCLE MASS is healthy. The combination of these measurements give us detailed and precise information to create a lifestyle plan that is specifically towards what you’re looking to accomplish. This removes all guesswork and gets right to the point as to how we are going to reach your goals.

  • We then compare your current marks to your past ones (before and after) to see if the plan we created promoted or demoted results. If the plan promoted results, we keep the plan in place until we see plateau or negative results. When we don’t see a positive outcome, we immediately change certain aspects of the plan that are still realistic and reassess a month later. Understanding that the body undergoing a fitness program is one big science experiment is the easiest and most mentally-calming way to understand the changes your body. Everyone’s body is unique and different. The goal is to find the perfect formula specific to each individual until it is perfectly geared and designed for constant fat loss and muscle gain.

  • After measuring and comparing results, we track and coach clients on how they can realistically and consistently maintain the SIX positive habits that promote sustainable health and fitness on a daily basis. The six habits are maintaining a healthy supplement regimen, consuming high amounts of water everyday, promoting the consistent high-quality sleep, feeding the body correctly before and after workouts in a timely fashion, creating a positive outlet for stress and using cheat foods (foods that are hard for us to say “NO” if it were placed in front of us) as rewards to stay motivated.

  • Spending this personal and meaningful time with Head Trainer Carl Anthony Grande creates a deeper relationship with what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s creating and following a smart, specific plan that reaches fitness results in HALF the time it would take on your own without a helpful coach. A lack of motivation is caused from the lack of smart plan, a positive support system and the wisdom of someone who has attained what you’re trying to attain.

  • It takes 21x of doing anything to create a habit and 90x of doing anything to create a lifestyle. Things that are worth while in life take time, patience, discipline, faith, respect, consistency and hard work. I believe every one is destined for everlasting happiness, health and fitness. This program will give you all three FAST! #trainempyrean