Class Format


What are the group classes like?…

The classes are hosted on a set schedule and involve a perfect mixture of strength, cardio and flexibility training. The workout format is like this:

  • Sessions start with a 10-minute Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) or foam rolling routine to ready the body mentally and physically for impact. Performing this routine before every session removes muscle tightness, improves blood flow throughout the body and significantly reduces soreness between workouts.

  • After foam rolling, we begin a five-minute dynamic warmup moving the body with many movements through full ranges of motion to gradually raise the heart rate, warm the muscles up and to push every workout to its maximum potential without the setback of muscle tightness or cramping.

  • Next, Head Trainer Carl Anthony Grande demonstrates eight exercises in a circuit-styled format to show how to perform each exercise correctly, the tempo (speed) to “feel” the effects and how many repetitions to strive for. After all demonstrations are completed, every client is assigned a specific station and moves to the next exercise like an assembly line paced with a set timer that initiates work and rest periods.

  • Throughout the circuit, Head Trainer Carl and accompanying trainers go around to each client constantly correcting form, motivating them to push hard and ensuring that each one is staying out of their comfort zone. The constant form correction is the secret of success here at Empyrea Group Training. The knowledge and experience of the trainers here understand what it takes to push it hard, perform exercises correctly and make the most of every one so there is no holding back, we see and correct EVERYTHING.

  • After the circuit, we transition into a 5-10 minute metabolic cardio finisher to ensure that every client has given their all and did their best. Ending with type of training flushes the body with endorphins or the powerful “feel good” hormone that gives that sense of accomplishment and success. The sweat will be dripping all over the place at this point.

  • The session ends with a yoga-inspired static stretching routine. We dim the lights down, play softer music to calm the mind down and begin the routine. Each stretch it demonstrated by the Head Trainer while the accompanying trainer corrects everyone. We emphasize and constantly remind clients to clear their mind and relax under tension. When the stretching routine is complete, the body is back at resting length, the mind is calm and a strong injection of endorphins flow smoothly through the system.

  • Every session is different at Empyrea Group Training creating a sense of wonder and excitement. These workouts promote every pillar of fitness which is muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular efficiency, flexibility and the promotion of a lean body composition. This is what fitness training should be and we believe we deliver the highest quality of all programs in the area.