The 3 Best Ways to Measure Your Fitness Progress

Hey Guys!

Carl Here! 

First and foremost, I wanted to post this blog mostly for those who weigh themselves on a daily basis and think the scale is the only way to measure your progress. Even though the scale does have its benefits, it definitely shouldn't be the only way to tell you if your body is changing.  

So I'm writing todays blog in regards to the best 3 ways (in my opinion) to measure your fitness progress!

1. How You Physically Look in the Mirror

NOBODY knows your body better than you do. Period. Mostly because we've looked at our bodies (naked and clothed) more than anyone has. We probably look at ourselves in the mirror over 50 times a day, whether if its after a shower or if its a reflection off a shiny window at the mall. No matter when or where that happens, we tend to zone in on where we want to see change on our body.

Have you ever said "This shirt makes my arms look big" or "These jeans make my butt look good"? Perfect examples that we know exactly when our bodies are looking better or worse.

Long story short, we know exactly where we want to see change and where change is happening. We are our biggest criticizer.

So as you get deeper in your workout routine, look at yourself in the mirror and see what changes are happening. Some changes could be as simple as thinning of the neck and face, a slimmer midsection, or definition or "cuts" you've never seen before.

You are hands down the best judge for that.

Take pictures of yourself every couple of weeks to compare any differences you can't see with the naked eye.

Take pictures of yourself every couple of weeks to compare any differences you can't see with the naked eye.

2. How You're Performing in Your Workouts

When you consistently exercise, your body will begin to change in many different ways. Some of those ways are your strength and endurance.

Whether you squeezed out 1 more repetition of a pushup or you lasted 5 more minutes on the treadmill, that is RESULTS. In order to do that, your body had to physically change to meet that demand , so one can assume that your body is changing.

The best part about all of this is that when you start to push your limits, you create new thresholds. So now your body has adapted to a new challenge and forces itself to become stronger to always meet that demand now that it has experienced it.  Once this happens, you'll grow stronger and workout longer! What a beautiful thing.

Write down your whole workout for a 3 weeks and track your exercises, sets, and repetitions. You'll be amazed how those numbers will change if you're consistent with the workouts.

3. Then Step on the Scale

The dreaded scale. It seems to be America's nightmare to have to step on a scale. Even though the scale does have its benefits and uses, in my opinion, it shouldn't be only way of measuring your fitness progress.

I like to call weighing on the scale "the cold-hard truth" since the scale does not lie. I personally use the scale to give me reliable data to see which direction my program is going and you all should too.

When you step on the scale, it doesn't say "failure" or "success". It will show you how your body responds to your workouts and your nutrition. It should be used a helpful tool to help you gauge how much harder you should be pushing yourself during your workouts and how much tightening your diet needs.

When you measure yourself on the scale, try to be consistent with the scale that you  use. Every scale is different. You might weigh a certain weight at your house and weigh differently somewhere else. The best advice that I can give is use the same scale to officially record your weight.

At Empyrea, we have a special body composition scale. It measures weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, BMI, and even visceral fat (the dangerous belly fat)! We record and track our clients' progress every WEEK! Talk about accountability!

We treat everyone's individual meal plan and workouts like an experiment and every week the scale tests the experiment to see how the body responds to the nutrition plan and workouts. If the results are positive, we keep the formula the same. If negative, we change some variables around and test again in 7 days. We keep testing until we get it RIGHT! Everyone's body is different and here at Empyrea, we understand that.

Our special body composition scale measures muscle mass percentage, a key piece of data needed to see positive progress.

Our special body composition scale measures muscle mass percentage, a key piece of data needed to see positive progress.

Long Story Short...

Be confident and be comfortable in your own skin. When you're confident, that's when people notice the changes you're trying to make. When your looking good and feeling good, that radiates to others. People will attract to you more and want to be seen with you! There is nothing more beautiful in this world than confidence.

I will promise you, that my program is the fastest way to shortcut you into that radiant, confident person to you aspire and deserve to be!

Always dedicated to your success,

Carl Anthony Grande