Coconut Oil: Not Just for Cooking!

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I want to tell you about Coconut Oil, and the many reasons why you should have some in your home. 


While this coconut craze may seem new to us, this awesome fat and its nutritional benefits have been around for many years. It is said that during World War II, coconut water was given to soldiers for hydration. Coconut oil has a unique role in diet, weight management and overall health. Coconut oil’s distinctive taste, texture and stability, allows it to be used topically, or taken internally – making it more than just another health fad, but rather a functional food.


How do I get it?


Coconut oil comes from the processing of the flesh of a mature coconut. Ideally, you want to look for “cold pressed virgin certified organic” coconut oil. That’s a lot to remember, so let’s start from the beginning…

Cold Pressed: Due to the low temperatures used to dry the coconut many of the nutrients, vitamin and enzymes are kept intact. During cold pressing, the oil from the coconut meat is mechanically pressed at a temperature not exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Virgin: Coconut oil is made directly from fresh mature coconuts, being dried quickly then pressed and filtered; no chemicals have been added or used in the extraction process and virgin coconut oil ensures it has not been refined, bleached or deodorized. If you find an “extra virgin” option, even better; this means it’s the first press.

Certified Organic: While not required but suggested, getting certified organic coconut oil is going to give you some extra credit, because the coconuts have been grown without any artificial fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical additives. Organic also ensures 100% non-GMO.


How do I benefit?


Nutrient Absorption: Coconut oil improves the absorption of antioxidants as well as vitamins A, D, E, & K.

Immune Support: 50% of the fatty acids that are found in coconut oil come in the form called lauric acid. The human body coverts lauric acid into monlaurin (a compound naturally found in breast milk), which supports immune health.

Metabolic Support and Energy Production: The unique structure of the MCT (medium chain triglycerides) fats in coconut oil make them easier to burn and harder to store in adipose tissues. MCT’s don’t need to be broken down into single fatty acids for the body to absorb them, rather they go directly to the liver to be used to quick energy.

Cosmetic Care: Looking good can be almost as important as feeling good when it comes to your health; making coconut oil a part of your beauty regimen can support healthy looking skin and hair. Coconut oil can be applied topically to act as a natural skin and hair moisturizer.


How do I use it?


-Makeup remover

-Lip Balm

-Oil Pulling

-Shaving Cream

-Hair Conditioner

-Homemade Toothpaste

So you see, there is more to Coconut Oil than meets the eye. Please consider this awesome healthy fat the next time you are out shopping in your grocery store.  

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