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The Dynamic Warmup

This video demonstrates the exact warmup that we do before every session here at Empyrea Group Training! This warmup maximizes all benefits of any workout and greatly reduces chances of injury. Practice this warmup before every workout you do! Thanks for watching! - Carl

Is Warming Up Important?

Warming up before every workout is KEY because it maximizes your workout's benefits and decreases the chance of injury. A great dynamic warmup routine is attached to the end of this video. Practice it before every workout and see the difference in the gains you make! Thanks for watching! - Carl

Are Carbs Bad?

Carbs are NOT bad. Carbs are GOOD because they supply our body with energy. When we consume an excess amount of carbs and processed sugar, thats when our bodies then begin to store them as stubborn body fat. Thanks for watching! - Carl

Should I Be Taking Supplements?

Supplements ensures that your body receives the nutrients it needs to function at high levels that you may be lacking through your current diet. The top 4 supplements that ANYONE can benefit from right now are a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin C and of course, a PROTEIN supplement! Thanks for watching! - Carl

Will Protein Make Me Look Big?

This video is for you ladies! Protein will NOT make you look "big". In order to achieve a tight and muscle-toned body is by building lean muscle mass. A protein supplement helps your muscles grow! Thanks for watching! - Carl

How Many Time Should You Workout a Week?

How many times should you workout a week? This video explains the two factors that will answer that question. 

It comes down to the INTENSITY you're willing to give each workout and how much TIME do you realistically have to workout every week. If your workouts are easy, workout more often. If your workouts whip your butt, workout less, unless you can handle more pain! Thanks for watching! - Carl